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About Us

 A woman who is self-assured and aware of what she wants. She is her own person and dictates her own standards.  Mission of Chic Scout is to search, discover and celebrate the real you.

What we do

We can often see very expensive and flawless pearl jewelry in the fancy shopping mall. However, Chic Scout jewelry use pearls that grow naturally but aren't perfect. Just like life, I've always been fascinated by the imperfections of the world. In life, there will always be setbacks and difficulties. We enjoy it and embrace it. We have become more special and unique after we have been tempered by difficulties again and again. We don't need to be born with a perfect body, skin, and appearance. We don't like a stereotyped life. We want to break the uniform life standard. I want to be the most special existence. Just like our jewelry, pearls of various shapes grow naturally, it is beautiful, in my eyes, it is more perfect than the flawless round pearl. We are not flawless porcelain dolls, we are ourselves with personality and differences.

Our Vision

Good Quality

Usually, jewellery with similar prices to our jewellery can easily turn green and rust. This will never happen to our jewellery. We’re confident in the quality of our product, hence the 1-year warranty coverage. 


On the first day of establishing our jewellery brand, although we knew that plastic bubble packaging is much cheaper in postage and packaging costs, but we insisted on practising the plastic-free package. We will be committed to reducing the use of plastics in the office environment and conducting environmentally friendly recycling. In the future, we hope to plant one or more trees every day to improve the earth's environment. 

Fair Pay & Good Working Conditions

We work with good handcrafted workshops and made the jewellery last. Besides, we ensure fair pay and good working conditions for the workshop. Once we suspect that it is inconsistent with our moral values, we will immediately terminate all agreements.

Women's Employment

Our employment policy in the future will provide support for women, regardless of education, race, colour, religious belief, age, or women who have been away from the workplace for a long time will also be the person we consider hiring.


Core Values

Put our customers first. 
Deliver quality over quantity.
Let us work together to build this world into a friendly, sustainable and non-discriminatory world.