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About Us


I love jewellery. Like most of young people, we like to have many different accessories to style, and I can only afford some reasonably priced jewellery. But it always easy to turn green or go rust in a short period of time. Therefore, I found that there is a material that can solve this problem. That is why I created my own jewellery brand. 


What we do

Our jewellery materials and coating technology can maintain the colour of jewellery, never fade, environmentally friendly and not too expensive.

Sustainable Materials

Usually, jewellery with similar prices to our jewellery can easily turn green and rust. This will never happen to our jewellery. We’re confident in the quality of our product, hence the 1 year warranty coverage.

316L stainless steel. This is an environmentally friendly medical material, which is very easy to decompose and recycle. With features of waterproof, hypoallergenic and does not rust. 
Then, coupled with PVD coating technology, which is also environmentally friendly, and it is by far the best long-lasting colour retention technology.

In summary, our jewellery has the following features:


You can wear it freely when you taking a shower or washing your hands. 


Friendly to your sensitive skin. 

Tarnish resistant

You will not see them getting rusty and turn green. The golden tone may turn slightly darker after wearing a long time, but it will not fade. 

Combined with its hardness feature, it will not deform. Stainless steel is a harder material than other base materials for jewellery. It ranks 6th on the mineral hardness, while other metals like silver ranks at 2.5. Therefore, our jewellery will be able to stay in your jewellery box for a long time. 

Cut out the middlemen

Moreover, we have no sales commissions from distributors, agents, or shopping malls. We sell products directly on our e-commerce website without those middlemen. So we can provide reasonable prices.

Personalised services

In addition, we will carefully package each order and provide personalised services, such as handwritten cards. 


Our Vision


On the first day of establishing our jewellery brand, although we knew that plastic bubble package is much cheaper in postage and packaging costs, we insist to practicing the plastic-free package. We will be committed to reducing the use of plastics in the office environment and conducting environmentally friendly recycling. In the future, we hope to plant one or more trees every day to improve the earth's environment. 

Fair Pay & Good Working Conditions

We work with good handcrafted workshop and made to last. Besides, we ensure fair pay and good working conditions of the workshop. Once we suspect that it is inconsistent with our moral values, we will immediately terminate all agreements.

Women's Employment

Our employment policy in the future will provide support for women, regardless of education, race, colour, religious belief, age, or women who have been away from the workplace for a long time will also be the person we consider hiring.


Core Values

  • Put our customers first. 
  • Deliver quality over quantity.
  • Let us work together to build this world into a friendly, sustainable and non-discriminatory world.