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You Don't Want To Miss Lace Up In 2018

Posted on January 12 2018

In the super cold winter, we refuse to just wear a huge warm coat, as a chic girl, we will also shining the cold weather! 

Lace up clothing reads like a roll-call of our favourite models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge have been spotted wearing these. 

1. Top Chic

Gigi hadid lace up 2018 fashion trend lily fashion chic laceup alexander wang bodysuit

gigi bella hadid silver chic lace up chic

Shop by picks 

chicscout sweater with laceup laceup sweater chicscout  waist laceup

 crop top velvet  Inés Backless Sweater

Sweater Roxane Sweater  Sara Sweater  Josee Knitted Sweater  Oanez Sweater 

Inés Backless Sweater

Top Georgine Crop Top   

2. Dress Chic

gigi hadid laceup dress sexy dress backless blue dress with lace up chic backless dress with lace up chic

 Shop by picks: 

Amelia DressAmelia Dress     Placide Dress placide-dress   Inés Backless dressInés Backless dress Isaure Dress

Dress: Amelia Dress  Placide Dress  Inés Backless Dress  Isaure Dress 

 3. Bottom Chic 

skirt with laceup and blue shirtgigi hadid kendall jenner laceup tight trousers

gigi hadid whole black laceup touseres  sexy jeans     laceup jeans sexy must have

Shop by picks

 Gervaise SkirtOsanne Skirtlaceup pants jeans trousers

Skirt Gervaise Skirt  Osanne Skirt 

Trousers Georgette Pants


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